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Absolute imports with Create React App

October 28, 2019

The default way of importing files or modules which are not from node_modules is the usage of Relative Imports.

Take for example we have a directory structure like this.

|-- public
|-- src
| |-- components
| | |--PictureComponent.js
| |-- pages
| | |-- MainPage.js
| |--index.js
|-- package.json
|-- package-lock.json

We need to import the PictureComponent in our MainPage.

//example of a relative import
import PictureComponent from "../components/PictureComponent";

This is totally fine, until your project becomes very large and some files are several levels deep. It becomes harder to import and trace files and modules from other directories in the project.

// imagine having to import a file like this
import CustomHeader from "../../../../../compoents/CustomHeader";

Using Absolute Imports

Absolute imports helps with importing files from a common source. In most cases, most files you would need would be in your source (src) directory. With Absolute Imports, you can write your file paths, already assuming you are at the src directory.

// example of an absolute import
import PictureComponent from "components/PictureComponent";

This import will work from any js or jsx file, no matter where they are in the project directory. To set this up create a file called jsconfig.json in the project root folder. And add the configuration below. If you are using typescript, you should add the configuration to your tsconfig.json.

"compilerOptions": {
"baseUrl": "src"

This will help VSCode and other IDE to resolve path in TypeScript & JavaScript and ofcourse, if there are cases where you need to still use a relative import if it’s more sensible, it will still work.

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